Cursor pops to *beginning* of word

When using spell check in Writer, and clicking on the best suggestion, the cursor jumps to the beginning of the word instead of staying at the end of the word being checked. Why? Why Why Why Why Why Why!! So so often the suggested word is mostly right but needs a small change - like an s to give the plural. But the cursor is stranded at the beginning of the word. Is this a bug? Can it be changed with some setting I cannot find?
I am migrating from ooo and this is one of a number of design changes that seem to me really badly thought out.

Wow. Given that the last release of that was 12 years ago, this is quite a conservative approach to upgrades :wink:

Do not consider anything as “design changes”. Just file a bug report. Most likely, this is just a regression.

Thanks for the link. I hung on that long because of issues like this. I was hoping that in 12 years they would be resolved! I hung on to Gnome 2 for years for similar reasons. I and millions of others were rescued by MATE. So the policy can work!

Lol. The problem only appeared in version 7.1, so “I was hoping that in 12 years they would be resolved!” misses the point.

So this is a known problem?

No. I just decided to check.

Doh! I thought it was a weird design choice. Oh me of little faith!

When you filed a bug, please post the number of the bug here. I would confirm it, and provide additional bits there.

Of course. Thanks again.

I have added extra info to the bug.

Bug 137972

Oh great - you found an existing report. It is bisected already, nothing for me to add there. Thanks!