Cursor position lost

I recently upgraded my computer. I have opened and edited several documents. All have opened as expected with it going to last place cursor was. Except one document.

I’ve tried this on documents I have not opened on this computer.

Tools>Options>General>Userdata - entered in first, last, and initials


Then to File>Properties ensured “apply user data” was checked.

Entered an empty space in the middle of the document and saved it. Closed it. Closed the Quickstart. Reopened document. It was right were it should be.

Opened documents I had already opened on this computer. They opened where I last left it.

Tried it on the document that isn’t playing nice. Same steps as above. Opens at the beginning. Even tried the “save as 1.2” vs 1.2 Extended. Nope.

What can I do to fix this?

I’m going to start editing it soon and this just can’t continue.

LibreOffice version (x64) , Windows 10 64 bit

Edited to add: apparently the update check does not work. checked the website and upgraded to Sadly, the problem remains.

I have never had trouble with the cursor returning to the last position previously, but now it does not work. I am not sure when it changed, but I am currently running on Ubuntu 22.04. All the relevant boxes are filled (‘name’, ‘initials’ & ‘Apply user data’). Any suggestions, what has changed?

I “selected all” and copied the document into a new document. Before saving, I checked the above mentioned places and ensured everything was as it should be. Saved it. Closed it. And it opens where I last left it.

So something must have been borked in the original copy. I have backups on line and I’ll fetch one and see if it does the same. Interesting.

Is this solved? Kinda. I’ll mark it so. Edit to add: not sure how to do that. Enter [SOLVED] in the subject line?

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I have been looking for an answer to this and despite trying all the articles for the cursor position not saving, find that all answers are either locked by some user Mr Kemp or answers of the same again that do not solve the problem.

Is there ANY DEVELOPERS working on this issue over prettifying the GUI?W T heck does ME supplying information field to say who I am and stuff I DO NOT WANT TO PUT IN THERE to get the thing to save a cursor position … its UTTERLY LUDICROUS. WHEN are programmers going to program in a way that IS NOT STUPIDITY?

I also question the issue of “Stable” releases given that my experience to date has been a broken something in every iteration, this does make it hard to use any of Libre stuff for productivity as you or your team of devs keep on breaking the program but release it as stable.

Even the wiki for programs is out of date as soon as there is an update…

It makes it impossible to get any kind of help.

All I want is the cursor to save where I last was, thats it… something that should be implemented in code as part of the save or in a dialogue box with a check box option to say on each save if you want the cursor to appear at last save.


As there appears to be no solution to this, will it be solved in the next update I wonder.

I don’t hold my breath waiting when users will stop showing own stupidity asking such questions is such form (even without taking the site rules wrt what to put into “solution” box into account).

Well - it should be some stupidity to program in ways to solve users’ demand. At least every user who happen to have a different expectation than another user (whose suggestions were implemented by programmers) feels an urge to blame programmers stupid for doing so. Well, realizing that some users might be different is above those persons it seems.