Cursor - Stay on Writer Page

Is there any way to keep the cursor on the Writer page visible at all times. I want to know where the damn thing is…

But it keeps disappearing and I have to go searching for it. When I’m in the middle of typing a page I don’t want to have to stop what I’m doing to go searching for the cursor.

I’ve found Edit > Direct Cursor Mode… but it still doesn’t work satisfactorily. I’ve also ticked the box in the Windows Mouse Options Dialogue box to stop hiding the cursor. Is there anything else I’ve missed?

Because of this I’ve been looking around at what’s available to us as writers. I have to say I’m very impressed with Google Docs and really tempted to switch as I don’t want two systems on the go at the same time. Only Office is very good too, but still needs more development. But well worth consideration. Especially the tabbed pages where you can have more than one doc open at a time.

But hopefully there’s a fix. Before I’m forced to get drastic.

Why do you blame LibreOffice for an operating system setting?

Have you looked in Start > Settings > Ease of Access and increased cursor thickness, or changed cursor colour?

Or Start > Settings > Devices > Mouse > Additional Mouse Options, in the Mouse Properties dialog click the tab Pointer Options and untick the box Hide Pointer While Typing. While you are there you could consider the possibilities from Adding Pointer Trails, also ticking box that says show location of the cursor when I press Ctrl

Cheers, Al

To answer your question, why do I blame LibreOffice for an operating system setting…

Yes I have. If you had read the original question properly, I quite clearly state that I have checked the mouse settings and that the problem is confined to LibreOffice. If you try Google Docs or any of several other office suites freely available you will discover for yourself, the problem is confined to LibreOffice.

It’s not an operating system setting. It’s a LibreOffice setting. It is something that at sometime somebody thought would be a good idea. It’s not. It’s annoying. If you were to write more often you would see for yourself just how annoying it really is.

Also, I’ll add here…
I’ve never donated to LibreOffice, because for me it’s never worked properly. I download it, install and try it and always end up paying for Microsoft office. When it’s time to upgrade or renew the subscription, I download LO again and try again hoping it has improved. Generally… No. It hasn’t.

So it looks like this time I shall be going back to MS Office. If Google Docs offered a desktop version… I can only live in hope. Google Docs works just fine. The cursor is clearly on the page and you can see it at all times. You don’t have to faff about looking for it. But without a desktop version, it’s not a viable solution for the home user.

Also, I’ll add here… I would be delighted to donate to LO if they offered a product I’m happy to use. Paying for Microsoft or donating to LO. To me it makes no difference. But I’m not paying money unless I’m satisfied and happy with what I’m paying for.

As an edit here…

The version I am using crashes a lot. So maybe that’s got something to do with it. Also I did investigate the Ease of Access option, and yes it has improved matters somewhat.