Cursor will not move after each word in writer

In all my Saved documents the cursor will not move after I type a word. It blinks but will not move. Using The cursor will move if you hit the arrow key but it jumps about ten spaces over. Then you can bring it back and type. If you close the document then open it, the same thing happens, cursor blinks beside the word but the space bar can’t move it.
This happend to me a few years ago in Libre, can’t remember what caused it.

@hawk40, Not clear the issue. In the title you say “each word” and in the description you say “a word”.

If the cursor is at the right margin, every space added will not change the cursor position. So, there could be hundreds of spaces hidden behind the right margin.

You may try if the problem is due to a corrupted user profile. See for details.

This can happen when you disable entering double spaces in the autocorrect options.

Floris, this would be a very strange error, as using ‘double space’ is something form the last century.

I found that going to “View” then to “Formatting Marks” you can turn on Formatting marks. Then go to “Format” hit “Clear direct formatting” you will have to move the Cursor at the end of the dots and bring it with the marks to the last word. Sounds confusing but work with it. Then the Cursor will move hitting the space bar.

This solved it for me, too. Many thanks.

Clear direct formating here can be related to tab stops, particularly with decimal tab stops.