Custom Color Palettes in Impress or Draw

Over the years, I’ve developed a custom palette of fill colors (as well as gradients for shapes,
and text colors for typing out computer code). For backup purposes, I’ve saved these out
as .soc and .sog files. But every time I reopen LO, or recover from a crash, the tool reverts to
the default palette. Some features (e.g. colored bullets) do not even allow you to access
your custom palette.

image description

Is there any way (maybe using the Profile) to configure Libre to use my custom palette by default?
Could I simply delete the standard palette located in: user\config\standard.soc ??

For quite some time, I have noticed that the last palette I used is the one that I see on creating a new document, even the next day after closing. Once it has been selected in the palette drop-down it remains there until another palette is chosen. If my profile is reset I simply choose the palette again and it is there for all new documents.

Maybe, it doesn’t work for you because you have spaces or apostrophe in the name? All palettes in mine are a single word using underscores or dashes instead of spaces (except document colours which will reset with each document).

Maybe your LO installation is not closing properly?

You can edit the file user\config\standard.soc and add your colors to this file. I also edited one and it is functional.

LibreOffice only looks at the name and not at the content. So you can rename “standard.soc” to “LibreOfficeStandard.soc” for example and then rename your palette to “standard.soc”.

The names in the palette are only for you. The document file has only the rgb-number.

You can do the same with the other kind of palettes.