Custom conditional formatting that shows when opening the file on a different computer?

I’ve made a spreadsheet with multiple sections, each with a different color of alternating rows. So one section has alternating rows of yellow and white, another has alternating rows of blue and white, etc, using custom styles of conditional formatting.

But when I send the spreadsheet to another person, none of those colors show up. Is there a way to lock it to document? Or are there default styles that will accomplish the same effect and look the same on different computers?

Please have a look at the Getting started guide. Your question lack key details like the OS (yours and the recipient’s) and most important, the file format and if the recipient also uses LO.

If there is MS Excel at the other end or if the file format is .xls(x), then you may have such compatibility problems indeed. The .xls(x) format was not designed to be compatible with anything else than MS Office. Thus, the solution would be to save in native ODF (.ods). Else, stick to MS Office.

You can also upload a sample file (see How do I attach a file?) so that we can have a look.

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