Custom currency sorting in currency selection list?

Is there a way to promote certain currencies in the currency drop-down box by bookmarking them or with scoring them with a higher value, so that they will be displayed on top?

Living in the Euro zone, I have set it as my default currency, but I still also use a few foreign currencies as US Dollar and Swiss Francs regularly. I would imagine that people in smaller currency areas run into this more often when visiting neighbors.
Having to scroll down the entire list every time is time consuming. (And why does that list display in such a tiny box anyway?) It would be really nice to have a handful (say three) much-used foreign currencies pinned to the top of the alternative currencies list.

Libreoffice has a lot of customization options, but I have not been able to find this one. (Probably using the wrong search term). Can it be set under Tools>Options>Calc>Sort Lists?

What do you mean by currency selection list? Are you talking about the order of currencies as they appear in the Format Cells... -> Tab: Numbers -> Category: Currency -> Dropdown: Format - dialog? If yes - are you aware that you could just type the currency name to speed up scrolling and selection. Just type CHF and you jump to CHF countries, Type USD and you jump to US$ countries and so on …

S/he probably means the Format as Currency toolbar button.

And no, it’s not reorderable apart from that the selected default currency is always on top of the list.

Actually I meant both, and I did not know that. It helps, but does not work when using the toolbar button.