Custom Currency

Hi All

Could someone please advise me (or point to an answer) of how I could set a custom currency - in Calc - preferably as a default - to show;

positive numbers - in black, comma separator for thousands, point
as decimal separator, 2 decimal
places - as - Rs. 1,234.56

negative numbers - as above but all in RED with a minus (-) in front
of the number - ie - Rs. -1,234.56

If in the answer you could mention how to display negative values in brackets () - the one answer may help other too.

Thanks very much

Please take a look Number format codes
With [Ctrl+1] Menu/Format/Cells on tab ‘Numbers’ select currency number you like, you can add “(” and “)” before and after of the negative number like:
#.##0,00 [$€-C0A];[RED]"("-#.##0,00 [$€-C0A]")"
image description

May be you would need to do some changes in Tools - Options… - Language Settings - Languages.