Custom Dictionary and Apostrophes (Glitch?)

I’m having a recurring issue in Libre Calc with custom dictionaries; I haven’t tested it in Libre Word, yet, but can if needed. Right now I’m working with more than a few custom dictionaries and encountering several cases where spellcheck won’t recognize possessive forms of names properly.

Example: One of the issues in question is “Crimsonrider” The custom dictionary has both “Crimsonrider” and “Crimsonrider’s” in it. Every time I type the possessive form, though, Calc still thinks it’s a typo. Worse yet, the option in question is in the list of suggestions!!

Anyone know if there’s a setting I might’ve accidentally ticked somewhere that’s conflicting with something, or does this sound like a bug in the spellcheck software? I tried googling around to see if anyone’d had a similar problem, but couldn’t find anything with this specific problem.