Custom install for updates

I have over 700 files that use tables in “Draw”. Since 7.0.4 a bug has been introduced that prevents me editing existing files and using save or save as. latest updates will not update tables correctly. Updates disappear into the ether. I have 2 bugs registered about tables in draw, 1 as above and the other re saving a Microsoft Publisher file with tables to a Draw file (This has partially been worked on, then nothing.) This, to me is a major but seems to have little priority in the system. Hence if I update I need to keep my exiting version of draw so I can manipulate my files. Can I custom install leaving Draw as is?

Which operating system do you use?

In which file format do you save?

You can only install LibreOffice as a whole package.

First steps

Try step_2 from the Link.

No. As @Hrbrgr mentioned, only the whole suite can be upgraded.
You may, however, have several versions installed side by side; the details depend on your OS. It may be something like using a portable version (on Windows), or a Flatpack and Apt packages, etc.

By the way, please mention the bug numbers, to help others having similar problems to see where the problem is tracked.

I use Windows 11
odg format
Bug reports tdf#141886 & tdf#89063 refer
Always take the most stable x64 version recommended

This is fixed in upcoming 7.4.
In both reports (thank you for them!), I see signs of confusion on your side. You post some “when it is going to be fixed?!” posts, showing some sort of expectation that there should be some timely fix for your reported issues.

Please have correct expectations. This helps avoid disappointment. The project is run by volunteers; there is absolutely no guarantees of any kind. The bugs that you report are not “customer issues that require the organization to assign and fix until then”, they are information that will help a developer in case when such a volunteer developer appears.

Understanding that, there is absolutely no value to ping bugs. You filed them, and that is really great contribution to the project. You can add value there by adding details that you discovered, or by answering questions that others have there - e.g., when something is unclear to a person trying to reproduce. Pings only make issues harder to manage, and less likely to attract a developer.
Thanks for your contributions!

Hello Mike - This is great news. Apologies for my frustration. In the days of instant everything it takes patience. I am thankful to everyone that works on this project. Would love to know what happened on my earlier bug. The guy that tackled the .pub to .odg conversion got most of the way but never solved the table formatting.

The Publisher file format is still not open (unlike, say, [MS-DOC] which Microsoft opened already). That means that anyone who wants to work on that older bug needs to (continue to) reverse-engineer the format. Also that requires that the person at least has the MS Publisher, so that they can test the results.

Our DL project is utterly underpowered - we badly need more people to work on external format support. And most users indeed need more widespread formats compatibility, like DOCX, XLSX, PPTX. And those formats are both open, and easier to be tested.

E.g., I myself have MS Office 2016, and can test Word/Excel/PowerPoint documents; so I can fix bugs related to those. But I have no Publisher, so I can only see the import results for your test file in Draw, not how it was intended to look like.

If a company that provides customer support would get a paying customer’s request to fix such a problem, that would likely be solved. Otherwise, I wouldn’t take my breath.

Thanks for your comments. At least we can create new and that has been a life saver for me.