custom keyboard not working in LO Writer

I have created a custom keyboard in Windows 10. I wanted some keys to create a certain string of characters (max. 2) at a single stroke. This is especially useful when it comes to parantheses, brackets, quotation marks, etc. E.g. ALT + 9 produces (), ALT + ; produces „”, and so on and so forth. All good until this point. The keyboard works perfectly fine everywhere (MS Office, Sublime text, Firefox) BUT LibreOffice. In LibreOffice a single stroke of a key produces just one sign: the opening paranthesis, but not the closing one. The same with every bracket, quotation mark.
Is there a methond to get my custom keyboard work in LibreOffice?


Greeting from hungary.

(Üdvözöllek én is az Egyik Magyarországról.)

Unfortunately there is not Hungarian section in this Ask site.

“Which of the two methods would you recommend for ease of use?”

You must try them, and chhose the appropriate method.

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Kovács Tibor

The LibreOffice has its own Autotext, and Autocorrect/Replace feature. Use them.

Or you can write your own macros to insert character pairs and then to put the cursor between the inserted characters.
Finally you can assign the macros to

  • Hotkeys
  • Menu item
  • Toolbar icon

Thank you, Tibor. (Köszönöm szépen.) (Interesting fact: I’m also a Hungarian from Kolozsvár.) Which of the two methods would you recommend for ease of use? And if it is the second one (macros), could you please elaborate a bit on how to do it? Maybe link a couple of documents on the matter? Thank you again. Have a lovely afternoon!