Custom labels on xy chart

How do I make xy charts showing only the x-axis and/or y-axis labels I choose (supply in a column or row)?

My specific use is that I have an XY chart with the x-axis showing date (12 years) and the y-axis money. I specifically want the x-axis to only show the labels I chose. I am beginning to feel LibreOffice charting cannot work well with dates. It seems to want to dictate to me which dates I should see on the x-axis and we do not agree.

It seems the XY chart needs X-Labels and Y-Labels in addition to Name, X-Values and Y-Values. This would be such a great addition.

If I somehow have missed such a feature, please enlighten me! :slight_smile:

It seems strange if this was missed and maybe I am just not looking in the right place.

Perhaps I could overlay 2 charts, 1 XY chart showing the actual graphs and 1 other chart showing just the X-axis? But can 2 charts overlay, using transparency on the top-most chart? That would solve my problem, although the maintenance is somewhat higher.

The xy chart does not have a flexible Date handling. You can only say how many days you want a major label. All the other charts (Line, Column …) have a more flexible date axis which you can tell to have a tic at 1. of Month or so.

Try them out.

@horst - Could you please explain how the dates shown at the x-axis can be chosen?

Go into edit-mode for the chart. Right-click x-axis and select “Format x-Axis”. Under the 1. Tab “scale” you find a dropdown box as “Type” withthe options Automatic|Text|Date. Select Date and define your axis.

@horst - thanks for your help - I got a bit better charts but still I am not where I want to be. x-axis starts with 01Feb2013 and I want to have 01Mar2013 as the first label (without loosing the Feb data point!) and thereafter a label every 6 month. I could not yet find a solution for that. Do you have an idea how this can be set?

@ROSt53 Sorry you got me there. I tried moving the y-axis to 3/1/2013 but it did not work. May be time for an enhancement bug :-)).