Custom mouseover tooltips on cells


I’m looking for a way to conveniently display an extra piece of information (text) for cells in a calc sheet, which already contain a value. The extra data is an alternative representation of the data based on a formula.

For example, imagine a table of many temperature samples taken over time. The cells display values in degrees C - hovering over a cell I might want to show this temp in degrees F, or Kelvin. Many other examples - absolute power to dB etc etc

In a web-page I would do this with an html title property, which opens a minimal text popup while hovering over an item on the web-page.

Part of a solution might be to place the derived values into other (possibly hidden) cells. That provides storage and a home for the formula.

What I’m looking for is a way to display the values from a hidden cell - preferably on mouse hover. Perhaps it’s just a property I don’t know the name of? I have seen there are cell comments - but I don’t think I can enter cell refs in those …

I believe I’ve seen this feature in Excel (sorry for the dirty word), but don’t know the name of it.

Does anyone have ideas?


Hmm - Input help can be managed via Data -> Validity -> Tab: Input Help (but this also - like Comments - doesn’t allow for reading the Help from some cell content).