custom page size changes in print preview

I am trying to print onto a C5 envelope. I used to be able to in a previous version of LibreOffice, I have updated to I have the page size set in LibreOffice writer, but when I go to print preview it changes to the default A4 paper size. If you are printing to a DL envelope you can catch this by changing to DL from the printer’s page sizes, but a custom size does not come across. My printer is a Canon MG4250.

Please read this example:

Envelope in Writer

And compare your custom page size with your printer's manual.

Where do you get the paper size when you choose menu File - Print Preview? I can’t see it. Both A4 and C5 formats have the same width/height ratio; you will only notice a change in the % of the Preview Zoom.

If do you choose menu File - Print…, below Page Layout you will see the Paper size: as A4. There you can choose C5.

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LeroyG you are correct, it is in print - there is a preview to the left. I have changed the page size in Format, Page Style and it looks correct on the editing screen, but in the preview under Print it defaults to A4. Choosing C5 here still shows an A4 preview. I have given up fighting it and worked out where I need to put the text on an A4 for it to print correctly on C5 - on my printer the paper guides centre the paper.