Custom style border changes not registering

When creating and modifying custom named styles, modifications to border width, color and style are not saved when the “OK” button is pressed and the “Cell style : NAME” is closed. The modified style’s border thus returns to default values (i.e. line, black, 0,05pt).

Not sure if this is a bug or some Calc basic I do not understand.

Version : (x64)

Build ID : 0ce51a4fd21bff07a5c061082cc82c5ed232f115

Threads CPU : 6; OS : Windows 10.0 Build 19041; UI Render : GL; VCL: win;

Locale : fr-CA (fr_CA); Langue IHM : fr-FR

Calc: CL

EDIT-ebot Data formatted


no i found my question was unclear so i made a new one