Customised list style not saved

I wanted to customise the bullet symbol to use a ‘medium’ size round bullet. The default list options have a tiny or huge bullet and I wanted something in between. I found a symbol in the Symbol library (F087) and updated the symbol in the Customise tab of the Bullets and Numbering dialog.

It seemed to work but when I quit and reopened the document the customisation was lost.

Then I created a new bullet style for my custom list and created my custom bullet list. That too seemed to work but when I reopened the document the custom style name was still in the list but it had lost the ‘Numbering Style’ so I still didn’t get my custom bullet list symbol.

I now have to edit the style and re-select the ‘Numbering Style’ from the dropdown. The numbering style ‘WWNum’ advances each time I open the document. It’s now WWNum7. If I select that style, I get the custom bullet symbol I want.

It’s a real nuisance to have to reassign the Numbering Style when I open the document. Is there some way to preserve the custom bullet list I’ve created?

I have also noticed that I have several hundred "ListLabel’ Character Styles in the Bullets and Numbering dialog. It’s now at ListLabel 289. This is increasing but at a faster rate than the number of times I’ve opened the document. Where are these coming from?

I’m using Writer


It looks like you’re in M$ Word compatibility mode. Do you save your document as .doc or .docx? If this is the case, the huge discrepancies between M$ Office and LO underlying principles are the cause of the behaviour. Try to save as .odt and see it still happens.

I am saving the document as docx. If I save it as .odt, can I still save the final version as docx? I need the final version to be docx so I can import into another tool which only accepts docx.

Of course! Work as .odt and only export your final document as .docx, .pdf or else. If your recipient uses M$ Word, you can forward him .odt files because Word accepts them since at least 2009. But as said previously, not all ODF features are understood by Word as not all Word features can be reliably translated in ODF.

From personal experience, .doc format, though now outdated, behaves better than .docx.