Customization Of LibreOffice 5.x doesn't work

I have tried to change the “theme” of LibreOffice by going to the “Tools>>Options>>Personalization” steps. But when the window opens and presents you with options/selections I enter things like “flowers” or “glass” and then I get an error telling me that the https://addons/… is not available at this time and that I should try again later. Anyone have any ideas as to what this error is? I can still change the themes for Firefox and Thunderbird, so why wouldn’t it work for LibreOffice? Much appreciated!!!

Eddie G.

Yes, there are some known problems around changing Personas / Themes. For example The display of Themes works fine, it is the interface to set up the Personas itself. They are currently working on a fix.

If you are happy to modify the .xcu config file, gives some more details and a temporary way to modify the settings if you have existing Personas on your system, I use the Firefox Personas Plus to test my own Personas or download the one you want to use. There are also ways to use Expert Mode to manually modify the Personas settings .

Sorry not to give you a working answer… Peter

Are you kidding me!?..Sir, you’ve given me MORE than enough! I was thinking I was going insane for a moment! LoL! I will check out the links you sent and maybe even try modifying a few things on my system, (after all it IS a Linux based system I’m running this on!..LoL!) Thanks so much for the insight and helpful information!!


Eddie G.