Customizations lost after crash

I am using LibreOffice (x64) on Windows, with an installation on Linux that shares the same data files like dictionary and autocorrect in a dropbox file.
My Win computer crashed and when I reopened it, all my customization on LO was gone - it was like opening it fresh for the first time - toolbars, file locations and I am sure other things I had set up several years ago all gone.

Is there a master setup file that exists that I can re-point to, or have they returned to the digital randomness in which they were born?

Your customizing is stored in the LibreOffice user profile - please see the Wiki page on the user profile for more information.

In your case, it sounds like the profile has been overwritten; but you might be able to copy some of the data from your Linux installation. As a last resort, you could try using Recuva (or similar program) to see if you can salvage any deleted files from your profile directory.

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