Customize Events & Properties Events

Is there someplace that explains the specific LO events in more detail, including when they might get fired in relation to each other, for example can Document created only occur after Start Application, etc.?

AND in Base:

Here are a few of my specific questions related to these events.


  1. Are ‘Customize events’ for LO in general, i.e. not specific to Base, Calc, etc, or is there a different set of these events for different LO applications?

  2. Does “Application” refer to starting up or closing down the LibreOffice program?

  3. What does “loading” mean and what is a “View”?

  4. What does Activate (and Deactivate) mean?

  5. In Base does ‘Modified’ refer to modified data, tables structures, or form layouts, or what? -

  6. What might possibly change the page count? (Printing multiple pageso or editing a base form?)

Control properties | Events:

  1. What is the difference between Changed and Text Modified?

  2. Does it matter which key is pressed while mouse is moved?

  3. What is resetting? When does it happen and how? Or what is it used for? It the same as refresh?

  4. When do the Before and After updating fire, as in Before updating, and After Updating, and what causes them to fire?

The information you are looking for is somewhat scattered and can be found in various documentation or Wiki pages. For example, many of the control events are listed here starting around page 70. Some of the customize events are here. Many of these can be found with a net search of LibreOffice customize xxxx event.

Here are some other possible sources:

Documentation/Other Documentation and Resources,


Various documents here(TDF),

and Macro.

EDIT: Forgot to mention OFFLINE help - this is just one of the items there:

Prior to reset

The Prior to reset event occurs before a form is reset. The linked macro can, for example, prevent this action by returning “FALSE”.

A form is reset if one of the following conditions is met:

  1. The user presses an (HTML) button that is defined as a reset button.

  2. A new and empty record is created in a form that is linked to a data source. For example, in the last record, the Next Record button may be pressed.

Your insight helps me see that there is not any single place to look for this sort of answer. But ok, I’m trying to get used to this way of doing things: so now I’m carefully compiling a list of key places to look for LO Base information. I might add to your list: (SEE BELOW). - Hay, thanks much. Very helpful!

What in the world is that link you provided?

OOps. Here is the link which I might add to your list: (I can’t edit or delete my old comment or I would.)