Customize the Signature Line Template

… because it is awful.

Can it be customized?

Mainly I want to get rid of the very offensive looking X. Truly, offensive for so many reasons.
It relates to an app not everyone wants to be associated with nowadays, and, most of all it looks like one is assuming an illiterate on the other end.

It would be really nice if this where somehow possible (even if it needs code, no issue).

Thank you kind person who will reply!

  1. Open LibreOffice on a Linux OS (in this case an arch based distro)
  2. Create a document, insert a Signature line with Insert > Signature Line
  3. Right click into the signature line box
  4. Click Sign signature line

Latest LO version downloaded as of today, save format does not matter as this is an editing issue, EndeavourOS arch based linux, X86_64 architecture/

The X is what I refer to, but, as well generally the whole template.

Thank you.

Please edit your question (=modify it, don’t use a comment) to make it more explicitly for anyone not looking over your shoulder to guess what you’re talking about. Attach a screenshot of what you’re considering awful. And don’t forget to mention OS name, LO version and save format. If your question is about some template or extension downloaded from LO site, give its full name and link.

I guess it is this builtin:

But if it is necessary to remove all letters x because Twitter was renamed…

It is probably best to design your own signature lines and add it to AutoText so it is available with a memorable shortcut and F3


I cannot upload more than one screenshot.
Updated post as far I could according your requests.

OK, but how would this be done, so that it keeps the signature feature?
That Signature line can actually be signed, as opposed to arbitrary pieces

I am surprised as I cannot find a single reference how to customise this template (or create your own, for this purpose).
Perhaps I search for the wrong terms.

That is indeed the issue and goal. The letter X is not only a copyright problem but it is also very outdated in terms of signaling a “Sign here” intent.

I never used this feature. From my point of view, it is base on a flaw: it uses a text box (but YMMV). This means it can’t be frame-styled and positioning will be done manually. In addition text size will vary with size of box (you can’t rely on any “structured” relation with text).

I think it preferable you design your own model based on styled paragraphs. Once you’re satisfied with your design, collect everything in an AutoText entry as suggested by @EarnestAl. Details of positioning can be adjusted if needed by modifying the styles.

PS: I don’t think Twitter can claim copyright on letter X, even when used alone as in this case where it is obvious that W stands for “unknown”. The copyright could hold if the letter reproduced exactly the logo with all its subtleties, but users can object the prior continuous usage of X in numerous books and articles. Can you imagine math deprived of X?

Not only Twitter, but others like Meta have some wannabe ownership over the letter X (and other silly things like the word meta etc)

However - the main issue is that I want to customize it (and you are right saying that the current implementation is very flawed)
I guess i will figure out how to create a template, an autotext entry. But the main problem is those won’t follow the “Sign signature line” feature. Thus, it means it is not possible to create a (visibly) signable field in Libreoffice?
It is as it stands the only suggested and documented way to add signature “fields” to the document, as far I can see: Adding Signature Line in Text Documents

I am aware that to sign the document in a more compatible mode one has anyway to first export it as a PDF, then “sign available pdf” (thus effectively signing the document twice).
However, that does not add the visual signature “stamp”.

I guess I could just create a image that looks like it, but the main issue is of course the other party in a document (imagine a contract).
I am basically looking for the same feature as Adobe has (Sign here) which allows the user to sign with an image, a drawing or a electronic signature using their certificate.

I just checked built-in help about digital signatures. I don’t think you can digitally sign separately a selected paragraph or objects (beyond macros). I understand the document is digitally signed as a whole. Therefore, you should get the same functionality with File>Digital Signatures>Digital Signatures.

Having a “visual signature” is just a matter of adding an image in your document. You can do it in Writer just the same as Adobe, except there is no button for it. Use menu command Insert>Image. The effective signing will be the addition of a digital signature. In case of a contract, you must wait for both parties having added their “images” otherwise validation will fail.

Actually it is possible to sign a single paragraph as I saw today - and yet this is not what I am looking for in the user experience when sending a contract to sign to a third party.

I might sign my document digitally.
The third party is unlikely to even know what that is. And they will want to (probably) use Adobe. The standard is to have a field where a user is “prompted” to sign (in some way, ranging from image to stylus to digital). (In the case of adobe it does actually reserve a space for that so you can sign digitally before the other party does so. Basically the entire document is signed unless the other party area to sign)
I can insert all sorts of fields in LO, but it seems, something like a signature field is… available: the Signature Line discussed above.

I guess the last bet here is, how would one edit that particular template? It must be a file in the application, correct? Even if it means re-editing it every time the application updates, it should somehow be possible to remove that X? I could not figure out yet where this is stored in LO.

I tried to find it in “standard” macros with Tools>Macros to no avail. Il also has a look to ~/.config/libreoffice/4/user/ in vain. I didn’t dig in details in /lib64/libreoffice/share/; you could search this directory.

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FTR: seems implemented in tdf#83877

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I think I found the svg used for it: libreoffice/core - main, development code repository
Will see if I can somehow amend that.

You might take a look at the file signature-line.svg
in (...)/share/filter

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I have extracted the designated file and somehow reformatted it to make it more human-readable. The X does not seem to be text, rather a “path”, perhaps the ClosedBezierShape.

Trying to customise by hand seems to be a daunting task. Better open the file in InkScape or GIMP.

Sorry, could not upload the edited file: the usual trick of changing the extension no longer words; does Discourse now check the real contents?