customize what the status bar displays

hi lo team,

thx for yr rad software, i use it heaps and dig it.

i have a q. i’m a translator, so i work with multiple windows and multiple languages.

when i have two windows up, the bottom status bar shrinks and hides the current language setting, which i need to use all the time so its handy to have it instantly accessible.

i’d like to be able to prevent it from being hidden on a thin window.

options wd be eg to let it hide other things first, eg the style box and the insert/overwrite box (which i never need because if i change this setting the cursor clearly signals the change), or better: remove ‘Page’ from the page count, reduce ‘words’ to ‘w’ and ‘characters’ to ‘ch’ etc to make more room.

if such customizations are not poss, is there a potential keybinding to set up that wd let me simply cycle through the languages list given when i click on the language box in the status bar?

is this kind of functionality just not possible perhaps…