cut formulas from one workbook, paste the exact formula text into another

I can do this in excel, (excel instructions below) but I need to do this functionality in Calc and I’m hoping someone knows how to do this. What I have is a workbook with 20+ sheets, with hundreds of named cells/ranges. I make a duplicate of that workbook, so the duplicate has all the same named cells/ranges in it. I then continue with the original workbook and make a new sheet with all kinds of references and calculations in that reference all kinds of different cells and ranges of the original workbook.

Now that new sheet in the original workbook is the way I like it. I want to copy that new sheet into the new workbook with the exact same characters and formulas that I typed into that sheet into the original workbook. I DO NOT WANT THE VALUES, I DO NOT WANT TO REFERENCE THE ORIGINAL WORKBOOK. I simply want whatever I typed into sheetxxx cell xy to be repeated exactly as I typed it into cell xy of sheetxxx of the new workbook. Below is the “trick” that you can do in excel to accomplish this because for god knows what reason I can’t copy and paste the text of multiple cells from one workbook into another. I want to be able to do this in Calc.

In both programs, I can go to an individual cell, hit F2, and then copy (^A,^C) the text of the cell, and then go to the new workbook, hit F2 in the corresponding cell and then paste (^V) and do this for all cells, but this is a pain in the neck.

So How can I do this in one shot in libreoffice Calc?
Tia, Jleslie48

excel instructions:

in excel Making An Exact Copy Of A Range Of Formulas using Notepad.

Here’s how it works:
Put Excel in formula view mode. The easiest way to do this is to press Ctrl+` (that character is a “backwards apostrophe,” and is usually on the same key that has the ~ (tilde).
Select the range to copy.
Press Ctrl+C

Start Windows Notepad
Press Ctrl+V to past the copied data into Notepad
In Notepad, press Ctrl+A followed by Ctrl+C to copy the text
Activate Excel and activate the upper left cell where you want to paste the formulas. And, make sure that the sheet you are copying to is in formula view mode.
Press Ctrl+V to paste.
Press Ctrl+` to toggle out of formula view mode.
Note: If the paste operation back to Excel doesn’t work correctly, chances are that you’ve used Excel’s Text-to-Columns feature recently, and Excel is trying to be helpful by remembering how you last parsed your data. You need to fire up the Convert Text to Columns Wizard. Choose the Delimited option and click Next. Clear all of the Delimiter option checkmarks except Tab.

And what is the problem using Sheet -> Insert Sheet from File?

never heard of it, what does Sheet → Insert sheet from File do? how would that allow me to copy formulas from one sheet of one workbook into a sheet in another workbook?

I think that’s it!!! Sheet → ‘insert sheet from file’ looks good! Thank you!!! So much easier than excel!

  1. Copy your sheet to another spreadsheet using any method (you may Ctrl+ACtrl+V; or you may SheetMove or Copy Sheet);
  2. Select all in the new sheet, and set Text number format;
  3. Find & Replace (Ctrl+H): put ^.*$ into Find; put $0 into Replace; make sure [x] Regular expressions is checked; make sure Search in: is set to Formulas; press Replace All.

And I seem to misread the question, since I assumed you wanted to have your formulas as text; ignore the answer.

Can’t downvote my own answer, and don’t want to delete it.

no worries. I do want the formulas to work in the new workbook. thanks for trying!