Cut/paste all contents of part of a page (writer)

I have a document containing an image, and multiple other types of contents i.e shapes/lines/txt etc.

I wonder if there is a way to select a portion of the page, then cut/copy paste it? Some kind of selection tool perhaps?
Note that I don’t want to copy entire rows, but random “chunks” of the page. That’s why click and drag selection would be ideal.

I am asking this as I want to click and drag to select a section of the page, then copy/paste that selection into another location/application.
I have only done this with PDFs- is it even possible to do it with office software?


Have you tried setting the selection mode?

Menu - Edit - Selection Mode - Block Area


A step in the right direction, however the block area setting seems to only affect text; I can now highlight individual characters in multiple rows vertically, without selecting all characters on each line, but tables, images and other objects are ignored by the cursor when included in the selection.