damaged Libre Office files after Windows 8.1 disc repair at start up.

Dear people,

More often I can’t open recently saved *.ods files and all information is lost.
Usually this happens after Microsoft Windows 8.1 performs a scan- and repair disc procedure before starting up Windows 8.1

Could it be that Microsoft is damaging Libre Office files.
The repair disc procedure is questionable, since I use new portable hard discs of Western Digital.
Further more only recently saved Libre Office files are not accessible.
Other files still can be opened and used.

All my programs are up to date.

Does anyone have this problems too?

Thanks for any feedback.

Kind regards
Mark de Ridder

The fact that you are getting a “scan- and repair disc procedure” before startup (and especially if this is every time you startup) suggests that you have something much more fundamentally wrong with your computer than some problem with LO/OO. You need to sort that out before anything else.

LibreOffice is just another application that works happily under Windows just like any other legit App. Fix your OS first, and that will almost certainly “fix” your LO issues.

After that, go to (menu):Tools - Options - Load/Save|General & set to make backup copies, etc…

If this helps then please tick the answer (:heavy_check_mark:).

Thanks Alex,

I don’t get a “scan- and repair” every time I startup.
It only happened three times over a period of almost three months.

I noticed this happens after I connected my portable hard disc temporarily on my Windows 8.1 Pro pc.

When I connect my portable hard disc back on my regular Windows 8.1 pc, I get a scan and repair disc procedure, after which I can’t open my latest saved *.ods files (which were edited last before connecting the portable drive to the Windows 8.1 Pro pc).
So that is the reason why I think it could have something to do with Windows 8.1.

For anything else I don’t experience any problems with my portable hard disc or my pc systems.

Thanks for answering!

Kind Regards