Danish characters


I have a problem with the word processor.

Whenever my computer is slow (because of many open programs and browser-tabs), the word processor misplaces Danish special characters like ‘æ’, ‘ø’ and ‘å’.

It is highly irritating :slight_smile:

The problem does not seem to occur in the spreadsheet application.

I use a Mac (OSX Sierra 10.12.5) and LibreOffice version 5.3.

Thanks in advance.

Does characters get back to right place when you save and reopen the document?


Thanks for the reply - and sorry for the delay.

No, they don’t get back to the right place after saving and reopening the document.

I would really like this to be fixed.

Thanks in advance.


Think you should file a bug report at bugzilla and attach document demonstrating the problem. Attach document and a screenshot of a problem from your computer as not everybody use Mac so they might not be to reproduce the problem (thus screenshot should help). Just make sure you remove any private data from document you attach as reports are publicly available. This should help developers to improve LibreOffice.