Dark theme for the welcome window.

It’s crucial for Me to apply a dark GUI wherever I can, due to my vision (pretty hard to handle anything bright). I am very happy that I was able to dark-theme many areas of LibreOffice GUI (Windows). I also much like the idea of the welcome window (the one where You see recent documents, have access to the templates, and so on). I find it fantastic, mainly because it’s much more readable than, say, Windows 7 jump lists (in Libre Office I need only to throw an eye on the window and it’s clear which document is which - thanks to thumbnails big enough - I don’t even need to read their names).

The only thing which is difficult for me is that this window is bright regardless of applying dark theme. It’s a pain for the eyes.

Could it be possible or could You please make it possible to dark-theme also this window?

Thank You for Your time,
Kind regards,
Thomas Leigh

Please take a minute and read this Introduction and what it states about Feature Requests.