Data exchange (cell content) between Excel and Libre office-Calc


I know, my question sounds a little bit weird.

Can we exchange date between an Excel sheet and a LiBro sheet.

In fact, I have written a macro with BASIC (which does not work in Excel)

I would like to run this macro in LibreOffice and transfers automatically the content of about 10 cells in an Excel sheet.

Thank you for any feedback. José

In principle, it is not very difficult to transfer the contents of cells from one spreadsheet to another workbook. But - it seems to me! - if the result is needed in an Excel workbook, then it is easier to rewrite the macro code in VBA and then execute it in Excel. Can you show the code of your macro?

@JohnSUN Thank you for your time.

The code is here, v0.2.1. It is a very short script.

French project with comments in English.

For information,
20 years ago, I was able to develop some macros in VBA. Now it is a bit far :).
I wanted to develop this macro in VBA, but I need some “guidances”

Again, thank you for your interest.

@JohnSUN Hello. Thank you for your time.

Just to come back on my work :).
The option to rewrite the program in VBA was in this post :slight_smile: Unefortunately in French Macros BASIC sous Excel ? Possible de les faire marcher sans les réécrire?

Here are speaking about how to transfer data from LibreOffice to Excel :).

Many thanks for your VBA prog.
Perhaps, I do not know how to use a VBA program on LibreOffice.

I do not see the “main()” script to start the program?!