Data from csv in (form) text

Hi, in Writer I’m preparing a handout and want to have some individual data (one arbitrary two-character string) included per printout.
The string is listed in a csv file (only one column).
So I thought to use Mail Merge Wizard, but it seems to do much more than I want.
How would I approach this in a simple manner? thx!

I do believe that Mail Merge is the right way to go. See @PYS’ answer here.

thx - the link to the faq in the post you referred to was the key!

Thanks for your reply!
I got confused by Mail Merge Wizard, which creates … mails. :wink:

I found this very helpful: Frequently asked questions - Writer - The Document Foundation Wiki

The key was to register the .csv file as database (which is readonly) and then simply open View Datasources and drag and drop the fields into the Writer document.
The print dialogue automatically recognises this as Form Doc and allows to create individual docs, all in one doc and - of course - print directly. :slight_smile: