Data in Drop-down list constructed from few cells

Hello, i have also second problem.
In one sheet i have data with my clients, columns with names, address, phone number, postal code etc.
How i can create in other sheet drop-down list with that data, that they could be joined?
For example in sheet1 i have something like this:

John	Kolegien	3333	333-657
Kate	Bahrman	2222	444-343

How to create in a second sheet a drop down list from choosen columns, for example only NAME, ADDRESS AND MAIL?

then i should have something like this in one cell when i choose it from drop-down list:

John Kolegien
Kate Bahrman

Is that possible to create?

Hello @jankowal

You can use Data > Validity menu option to create drop down list with desired entries. I advice to use predefined Named ranges for each column for better readability:

After creating these ranges select desired cell on another sheet, go to Data > Validity menu option and select Cell range in Allow list. Enter formula name&" "&address&" "&mail as source.

That’s all.

Hello @SM_Riga

Thank you very much for your work and time! It works very good :slight_smile:

Maybe you know if it is possible to display this score in nice looking format? For example i have more columns and i want to display view after choosing given line from drop down list like this:

<First name> <Last Name>



Because i see now it depends on changing manual length of column and when for example it will be an address, sometimes part will be in one line, and rest in the other, or if it will be longer it will be in more lines etc.