Data loss when opening a docx file in swriter

Hi all,

I have a word document that contains a table with data which was created in MS Word with “.docx” extension. When I open this file with LO, table and its formatting is there but the text is not visible.

I tried the following.

  1. I opened the documents with MS and saved it as 97/2003 format with “.doc” extension, even then I’m facing the same problem.
  2. I opened the file with LO and saved it in “.odt” extension. Table formatting and the text within are perfect.
  3. This is very strage - When I open the “.doc” or “.docx” file in LO, then select Table properties, goto Borders and uncheck “Merge adjacent line styles”, I can view the contents within the table. But once I save the file and reopen it, again data not visible.

I have no idea how to workaround this issue. If anyone can give any solution, it is much appreciated.

My specification,

Win 7 Professional SP1 32bit

MS Office 2010 Professional 32bit

LO 4.0.1

Thank you in advance.

This may not help, but first of all install latest fixes for LibreOfffice. This problem may already be fixed. Install LibreOffice 4.0.3 from

I downloaded the latest LibreOffice and tested, I’m still having the same problem. Issue has not been fixed in LibreOffice 4.0.3

I did check open bugs regarding docx+table. “fdo#56539” is very similar to the issue I’m facing

Thanks for reporting back. I am not certain, but comment #3 in that bug may be referring to bug AOO#119544 which appears to have been included in v4.1.0.0beta1. Hopefully you will have a fix therefore in v4.1 in July 2013.

I checked out “AOO#119544”, but I’m sorry I cannot make head or tails out of it. So I will wait and pray that the v4.1 will have the solution. @ oweng - Thank you very much for your help

There are nearly 30 currently open bugs relating to docx+table. I would suggest having a look through that list to see if any accurately describe your problem. It would seem likely that one will. If you do find one, please report it back here in an answer using the format “fdo#123456” so that others can link to it.