Data multiple operations is not working with database statistic function, DMIN

I have BusinessLine’s top 10 revenue companies in the range B3:D13. The business category that the company runs is as well there.
Now, I need to find the company with minimum revenue for each category using Data ->multiple-operations feature and the database statistic function dmin.

G6 contains the result as =DMIN($B$3:$D$13,3,$F$4:$F$5) where F4:F5 contains the criteria table.
The output is filled in the range F7:G10 with data -> multiple ops. The column input cell is F5 and the formula cell is G6, and the function call looks like, =MULTIPLE.OPERATIONS(G$6,$F$5,$F7)
But instead of giving the desired results, it fills in Err:504 values.

11-20.ods (11.2 KB)

can you post your sheet?

sure. added the file, ji.

Have you ever looked at how the function works?

Applying Multiple Operations

  • I think you are looking for the function MINIFS.

  • Or use a pivot table

    11-20_1.ods (20,1 KB)

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I found a way to make database statistic function to work with mult-ops. Instead of giving one of the criteria value cells as column input cell, you need to mark it outside the criteria range. Then you can assign that cell to the criteria cell. So, if the criteria range is F4:F5, I used F6 as column input cell & G6 as formula cell. F5 is assigned the formula, ‘=F6’.
Working sheet attached…
11-20_1.ods (20.1 KB)