Data > Sort: Enable 'Range contains column labels' by default

I frequently sort lists of data in Calc and would like to set Range contains column labels as the default. My data ALWAYS has column labels and I do not like that every time I sort my data that I have to select the Options tab then find the toggle to designate my data has column labels.

It would make sense if a repeated sort on the same data/worksheet would remember the selection but this is not the case.

A compromise I have found is to highlight the data I want to sort without highlighting the labels, then sorting on column letter. This is not ideal as selecting part of a worksheet takes longer (much longer for large selections) than just selecting the entire sheet by clicking the empty box above the row 1 label. Additionally, it requires I know which column letter is associated with the data I want to sort.

I feel your pain. I literally sort extremely large inventory lists (I do inventory in a warehouse) all day every day, and every**.** single**.** time**.** I have to change the “range contains column headers”.

I agree with your comment, and think that at the very least it could retain your most recent choice on a per file or per sheet basis.

5 years later… still an issue.

oh, it’s a 5 year old documented bug: