Data Table Alternative


I’m finding an alternative to Excel Data Table, in Excel it appears in Data → What-if Analysis → Data Table.
This helps me to calculate the results of 1 cell with different values of 1 or 2 variables.
I post here a photo to understand it better:

On the top-left (A1) I write the cell that I want the results, and the row at the right (B1:V1) these are constants that uses the variable_A, below A1, the column from (A2:A22) these are constants that uses variable_B. And the body of the table are the combinations from variable_A and variable_B that gives A1.


(edit: activated screenshot)


Have you tried Multiple Operations?


Thanks, I’m looking into it. It seems that the difference is that is not needed to be the function cell in the top left like in Excel. I have some problems in the results, as some are incorrect is like it catches some results from other cells and don’t computes it correctly, have you detected it? I’m running on Linux an .xlsx file, but I think this doesn’t matter.