Database does not saves changes to disk after form submitting

Libreoffice Base doesn’t save new records or changes to records after commit applied by pressing “Save” button in form.

I have a “todo” Base document with data table and some forms to add, view and modify this data table. When I add a new record and commit it from the “add” form, I could see data changes in “view” form as expected. But if there is a crash of Libreoffice, no recent data changes could be retrieved from saved to disk database file.

For example: add new record to table, commit it and check if it’s there. Then “kill -9” Libreoffice or simulate crash by the other means. Open saved database file, answer “yes, recover” to “Recover after crash” dialog and check there is no recently added data record. Data lost could be significant in such a way (for some days for long uptime).

There is an old closed question related with a macro workaround:

So, is there a way to commit changes to disk(!) manually? Without using a macro? Should it be the default behavior?

Base info:


Build ID: 1:5.0.3~rc2-0ubuntu1~trusty2

Locale: en-IE (en_US.UTF-8)

Database driver: HSQLDB

are you using the embedded database 1.8? As .I don’t think the record is saved to disk before a normal close down is executed. HSQL is present all the time in memory.

I think you should split the database or use a back-end like mysql.

Yes, there are some pieces of information after some search:

  1. HSQLDB v.2+ supports disk-based tables ( but Libreoffice Base uses v.1.8.

  2. There is some work to update Base driver (

  3. There are workarounds to bugs related to embedded “in-memory” HSQLDB v.1.8 (

  4. It seems, there is no easy solution for this problem. Only “close - open”, using macro and some manual SQL commands maybe. I think, developers should warn users.

Summary: do not use embedded HSQL! Never!

Embedded HSQL is good for samples on forums. Never say never!