Database Resurrected?

I made a database last year to function as a task manager /day planner close to 2 years ago. It was my first DB project in many years, and I really enjoyed it. The DB was in HSQLDB. When I switched to the Firebird engine after an update, the DB completely froze and I could not do anything with it. (I believe this was with LO 6.1 or so, under Widows 10.) I had no idea how to fix it then and abandoned the project until recently.

I opened the old DB file to try to help me design a new version of the DB, and now it seems to be working!?! Is this possible? (I spent hours and hours trying to fix it when it froze. I thought it was not salvageable.) Would this be because of updates?

I want to use this DB while I refresh my knowledge of DB’s over the next month or so and build it again under Firebird. Should I be worried that I’m just setting myself up for more problems, or might it work? I know that nobody can say for sure without examining the DB. I would really appreciate anyone’s educated guess on this. Thank you.


…nobody can say for sure without examining the DB.

Can’t even say after examining it. It may also depend upon you capabilities. Firebird embedded can work in most cases but there are some hurdles. That is why it is no longer the default DB. Have many working models without problems including numerous macros.

Remember to take backups.

Thank you, Ratslinger!

I had not heard that the LO team went back to HSQL. :-o I opened one of my old files, and they work fine now. It is probably because Base is using HSQL as the default again. . . . Yep, I was able to set up a new table & form for this month, so I’m good to go!

Now I can just begin reading the Base User Guide instead of trying to remember how to recreate my DB. You just saved me a ton of time. Thank you so much.

It matters not what the default is. It matters how the Base file was created. Firebird is still available and I use it answering questions.

The database used is on the main Base screen on the status bar (bottom line) in the center. On the left is the connection type.

Thank you for telling me that.

I see that it is currently running Firebird. Is there a way to change that to HSQL? I have looked around and cannot find a way. Maybe I need to re-install?

Thanks again.

You don’t simply change a database. If you want to use a different database, the data must be converted/transferred from one to the other.

Possible way is to create a Base file using HSQLDB embedded. Open that & the Firebird Base file and copy from Firebird to HSQLDB documents - one table/form/query/etc at a time.

I “believe in” Firebird. I think that the reason is it now “re-buried”… but available if you want it… is NOT because there are any problems WITH FIREBIRD, or any reluctance to proceed towards leaving HSQL behind, but because converting old HASL databases to a Firebird version can be… tedious.

I would suggest that the way forward for you is to design, in Firebird, a “new” database. You’re older, wiser, more experienced. The one you build, from scratch, today will be BETTER than the one you had. And you’ll be that much further along the “learn Firebird” journey. Think of it as learning a third language (e.g. Spanish). Not nearly as hard as learning your “first second” language.

Skip the hassles of “making” the converter work.

There are ways to save yourself re-typing all your old data.

But put in a brandy-new, fresh, “container”.

The longer you wait to embrace Firefox, the more legacy stuff will be in the queue for conversion.

… is NOT because there are any problems WITH FIREBIRD…

There are a number of problems with using Firebird in Base. Just go through the bug reports. There was another push to implement Firebird embedded as the default a couple of years ago. That has not succeeded and again Firebird is only an experimental option.

Base itself has a lack of programmers working on it. New bugs introduced from other areas and old regression bugs still not fixed even after years pass makes it harder to believe Firebird and all its’ current needs will ever get fully off the ground.

Base is running out of band aids.

…embrace Firefox…

although a typo probably more realistic.