Date and time timediff in minutes

25.01.2018 TIme: 14.28

13.03.2018 Time 10.24

How to get the difference in minutes between these two points of time to a cell ?


There are two very different concepts of time:

The scientific / engineering time is an inexorably running measurable, well defined beyond stubborn decrees.
(Durations are differences of two values of this kind taken under certain conditions.)

The TimeOfDay, completely (but differently by country …) decreed by authorities.

Taking your question literally, and assuming your DateTimeValues are located in A1 and B1 respctively, you get the difference displayed in minutes by =B1-A1 used in a cell set to the 'Numbers format code
[m]" min".

To get the difference as a number of minutes you need to use =(B1-A1)*1440 because the predefined (pseudo) unit of time in spreadsheets is the day (1 d), and the ordinary day has 60*24 = 1440 minutes.

Please stay aware of the facts that
-1- Real days differ in length, this specifically applicable to decreed days. (Think of the DST hokum.)
-2- You need to know and to apply the concerned decrees thoroughly if you want reliable results (on the resolution level of minutes!).
-3- There is no sense in calculating differences for time values taken in different time zones without specific measures or in very specific situations.

Thank you very much !!

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