Date dropdown month calendar in BASE

I recently upgraded to Version 7.1 running under OSX 11.2.

In previous versions I have been able to select a date for entry in a form by selecting from the dropdown calendar.
Now the dropdown calendar appears but the only selection I can make from it is the TODAY button !

Anyone else ?


Have just tested on Mint 19.3 using LO v7.1.0.3

Had no problem with a date control using the dropdown. Double clicking on any date selected it and placed the date in the view. Tried with many different days, months and years.

If you continue to have problems, first try restarting in safe mode (reset profile - Menu -> Help) and if still a problem it may be specific to LO OSX version. Submit a bug report.

Ratslinger, Thanks for the reply. Not sure what I’m resetting in Safe Mode. Could you be a bit more specific - is it a case of resetting Profile to Factory Settings ?

For clarity, v7.0.4.2 requires only a single click on date to select. v7.1.0.3 requires a double click. Don’t know if this was intentional.

For user profile see → LibreOffice user profile

Ratslinger - that’s it ! Double click and all works normally ( except that the calendar no longer defaults to the current month !). But I can live with that - if you want me to Bug it then I will. Anyway, Thanks again …


My opinion is this is a bug and should be reported.