Deactivate emoji style - reactivate text style


I’m having a problem with a symbol that I want to render with the Liberation Sans Font.
Previously, the symbol was rendered as usual, like all the other letters (“text style”).
Currently, the symbol is being rendered as a big fat comic-like emoji (“emoji style”).
I want to render that symbol in the old style (“text style”).
How can I achieve this, in particular using LibreOffice Writer.

I want this: :crossed_swords:
That’s what I get: :crossed_swords:

More about that problem here: Unicode Symbol Become Emoji
And here: UTF8 symbols in Editor - strange copy & paste

image description


from my perspective font Liberation Sans does not contain character U+2694 and thus LibreOffice makes a replacement from another font. Try font DejaVu Sans Mono and you should get what you are looking for.

Background: Not all fonts contain all characters and to circumvent the situation of a missing character in a font given, Libreoffice replaces the missing characters from a similar font (which isn’t always a perfect replacement). You may check whether a font contains a special Unicode character in dialog Insert -> Special Character and by selcting the Font and entering the Unicode under Hexadecimal.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for the information! The information both helped to understand and mitigate the problem.