Deadline checker

I need to automatic deadline checker
But I don’t know how can I check that particular date



=IF(J3-I28,“In progess”,“Urgent”)

In this situation, the cell gives me an error which Err:508

How Can I check the last date automatically?

Is I28 actually a date? Doesn’t look like a standard date format.

To expand a little on my comment, 12.15.2020 will probably be interpreted as text by LO in which case the answer provided by Schiavinatto will return “In progress” for today when you want it to return Urgent. For LO to interpret I28 as a Date you must enter with the separators it expects (for US English M/D/Y), so 12/15/2020. Unless you have created a User format to reflect the pattern M.D.YYYY

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Perhaps this is the problem, it is using a minus sign between J3 and I28, this is not comparative and it is using, (comma) to separate the parameters, it must be; (semicolon), see the formula below

= IF(J3<I28;"In progress";"Urgent")