Decimal separator behaving differently in different cells

test.ods (9.3 KB)

I recently updated to and I’m getting the strange issue showcased in the attached file:
in cell A1 I wrote (as I have done for several years)


although now it gives me a #NAME? error. in B1 I wrote


and, although my language setting is Italian (and thus the correct separator should be comma), it provides the correct answer.
What I can’t wrap my head around (and made me unable to find a solution if one was already posted) is that if I write the numbers with the correct comma separator in cells A2 and A3 and then write:


I get the solution.
I have not made any changes to the local/keyboard settings (or Libreoffice’s) recently.
Obviously my intended outcome is to have the formula in A1 to work. Thanks for any support.

See tdf#151886

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thanks, that explains it (although it means that I now have to learn function names in italian untill the checkbox mentioned is added) :slight_smile:

Rather, until 7.4.6 is released, where the old behavior is restored. Or use 7.5.

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