Decreasing Margin of Equations in Writer


When inserting an equation in Writer within a sentence, I get way too much space between the equation and surrounding words, that is, the words on the left and right of the equation. How do I lessen this margin?

Thank you, and God bless.

Mostly Math formulas are anchored As Character and there is no extra space between the border of the formula object and the previous or next character of the text (whether printable or whitespace) unless it is set under
(Formula context menu/Rightclick)>Properties...>>tab Wrap. Inside the graphical representation of the formula in its border there is a spacing between the border and the formula itself which shouldn’t start or end with hard spaces. These layout spaces are controllable in the formula editor via >Format>Spacing...>>Category Boder.

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There are two ways to control the amount of spaces in formulas.

  • Inside the formula itself, the “intrinsic” spacing is controlled by Format>Spacing parameters. You can also *add (but not remove) space with space characters, grave accent (moderate space) and tilde (wide space).

  • A formula is inserted in Writer as a frame with style Formula. This frame (which is anchored As character) has all the usual properties of a frame. Some guard space is provided all around it (and this is probably what bothers you). This guard space is configured in the Wrap tab of the frame style. By default there is a 0.2 cm space at left and right which adds to the interword spacing. You also have a padding space between the formula and its border.
    Caution! This padding is always effective, even when there is no border. Fortunately, padding is equal to 0 cm by default.