Dedicated CoolProp extension .oxt for LibreOffice on Windows ? For Excel already installed

Hey, thank you for LibreOffice and your help.

A colleague uses the Coolprop extension (Thermodynamics) in Excel on Windows. It is the Windows version which as been downloaded.

I am convincing to use it in LibreOffice on the same PC (same Windows)
(I didn’t understand how to install this LO extension and how to activate it from the CoolProp site, sorry.).
(I have already installed CoopProp on LibreOffice, but on Ubuntu.)

Can we use the same “.oxt” package (Extension for Excel)? Or do we have to download a specific package for LibreOffice on Windows ?

  1. If yes, we do the same process: Options > CoolProp > Installation > “Install Coolprop” button.
    For Python, do we need to activate it ???

  2. If no, which one to use?

And final point, do we have to use the same test file called ‘TestLibreOffice.ods’ for both systems: Linux and Windows

Thank you in advance for your time and feedback

We are using the CoolProp.dll (6.2.1 version), and some StarBasic wrapper for calling the high level functions of the CoolProp. You need to put the downloaded Coolprop.dll into dedicated directory (like the c:\CoolProp), then you need to put some 6-7 similar wrapper functions into a Module in My macros Standard library:

Private Declare Function PropsSI_private_x86 Lib "C:\CoolProp\CoolProp621_x86.dll" Alias "_PropsSI@32" (ByVal OutputStr As String, ByVal Name1 As String, ByVal Value1 As Double, ByVal Name2 As String, ByVal Value2 As Double, ByVal Ref As String) As Double

There are more wrapper functions for the Humid Air, etc…
We are using the 32 bit dll for our 64 bit LibreOffice.

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Thank you for your feedback.

If I have well understood your answer (thank you for that)
I want just to use CoolProp in Calc cells.

We don’t need to write macros. To much complicated for us :).

My question is, “What is the process to install the CoolProp extension in LO Calc, on Windows” :).

Thank you for your time :).

Yes, you can do it through the Wrapper functions. For example the normal density of the Oxygen you need to call from a Cell:


Of course you can use Cell references instead of the constant values.

From the CoolProp package:


  1. Download the CoolProp.oxt Extension for LibreOffice (don’t rename the file) and the example spreadsheet file TestLibreOffice.ods "

Unfortunately there is not any prebuilt .oxt file in the package. You must use your own Basic wrapper functions, or you must create an .oxt extension for this task.

We have adopted the Windows related parts of the VBA code to the StarBasic.

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