Default font while importing PDF files into Draw?

hello there,

a colleague of mine is having issues regarding importing PDFs into Draw in terms of having missing symbols (for instance U+2316) and umlauts (ä, ö, ü) and he asked me if there’s a configuration option to change the default font to another one which incorporates these symbols.

I found this and tried to replicate it, but this solution only works for new files, not for imported ones, after testing.

So, I’m a little bit unsure now, if this behavior could be somewhat changed or not.

Any ideas?

I can’t suggest a solution, but dealing with pdf there may be none. It depends.

PDF is not meant for exchange of Data. It describes the contents of a page as graphic elements, is based on Postscript, wich can be understood as programming language for graphic objects.

Several programs can embedd only needed parts of fonts in a PDF, so even if the Font provided al chars, they may not be in the PDF available.
So, if you need to edit you have to rely on the fonts available on your system to replace parts.

But this totaly depends on the source of the pdf…

That was my thinking but I thought it would be easy to let draw replace the fonts automatically while importing the file. The issue with editing after a partial import is, that you don’t always see which symbols are missing. You always have to compare the source file first with your import file to be sure, that not an important part is missing or completely wrong…