Default separator for csv files

How can I alter the default separator for Calc when opening .csv files?

Using Ubuntu, UK Language, and the default separator seems to be a comma, but when I import any .csv files, LO insists on using a Tab as the default separator.

To my thinking, the default separator for a “Comma Separated Value” file really really should be a Comma?

And yes, I know I can change the value when opening the file - I want to resolve the automatic opening with the right separator issue because I’m converting my wife to Linux and she hates it when we find things that are different - “Why can’t Linux do this - Windows does it?” :frowning: She’s neither a techie nor a patient end-user.

What do you mean by the term “import”. Unless it is a UK Language issue, on my version on Ubuntu whey I right click and “Open with LibreOffice” or from within Calc select File>Open>Filename.csv it always remembers the last choice I made. So in essence the default becomes whatever I use.

I’m running LO 3.4.4 on Ubuntu 11.10, and I can confirm @dshimer’s results: If I import a CSV file I’ll get a “Text Import” dialog box. If the default is set as “Separated by → Tab” and I change that to “Separated by → Comma,” that changed selection (from Tab → Comma) will persist when I open other CSV files.

Are you using LO in a regular user account, or something with locked-down privs like a Guest account?