"Default styles" for figures and tables in Writer

I wanted to insert List of Tables and List of Figures using Indexes and Tables menu.
I tried to use Illustration index, but I didn’t get list of figures… in text, I tried following styles: illustration index, illustration Index 1…so, what is default style for figures and tables?

I managed this by creating custom style and insterting user-defined table of content, but I would like to use default styles… thanks.

There is no such thing as a Figure style in LO. By default, LO uses the Illustration paragraph style for captions of images. Enhancement fdo#58407 is an attempt to get this changed and fdo#60360 is a report of a particular problem related to renaming “illustration” to “figure” in the context of cross-references. I personally prefer Figure to Illustration as it is more common in the publishing industry.