Default templates bug in Writer


I have noticed not all of the changes I make to my default template in Writer save. In fact, certain settings don’t save at all (when I close a document and then re-open it, the settings revert back to default).

The one I’m struggling with the most is the area fill (found in Format->Page->Area). I want the default setting to be “none” but every time I close a document, it reverts back to “colour” when I re-open it. I have tried doing this to individual files and my default template.

The strange part is the way it becomes a problem. I have my default “colour scheme” reversed (options->LibreOffice->Application Colours) to be easier on my eyes (what looks to most people and prints as black text on a white page appears on the monitor as white text on a black background). Normally, there is no problem, the area is black and the text is white, but the moment I put an image in my document, the border stays black, but the area turns white and the text turns black.

Every time this happens, I can put things right by going to Format->Page->Area and setting it back to “none” but, as I said, this reverts back to “colour” when I close & re-open the file. Since its simple to fix, it hasn’t been a big problem before, but I started doing work that involves having images in my text documents all the time and the extra steps slows my productivity.

Please either fix this as soon as possible, or reply with a way to fix it myself.

BTW, I’m using LibreOffice (x64) on Windows 10


Have you tried open default template, make changes and save edited template as new template and then create new document based on that custom template?

@Kruno: I don’t feel sure the OQ is actually talking about templates. The part starting with “The strange part…” is about general settings for the software. >> User profile?
Concerning files saved with properties like ‘Page’ > ‘Area ’ None’ but showing different properties (a color for Pg background e.g.) when reopened, I would need an example. It’s not about templates again, however.

@Lupp, oh I see.

Quoting @AAA1: “Please either fix this as soon as possible, or reply with a way to fix it myself.”
No contributor here is “Mr. Documentfoundation”. This is a forum where experienced users try to help questioners with finding solutions for specific problems. Concerning your question I am afraid you won’t get a useful answer based on the given information.

If you actually have documents showing different properties when opened as compared with when they were saved, this is a serious problem, of course. However, I cannot remember a related previous report. I also cannot see in what way this should be related to templates generally, or to the default template in specific.

I do not know an option to “reverse” the color scheme. How did you do it? There may be a rather unusual setting resulting in complications nobody using a standard color scheme will know of.

Bugs in LibO are reported to If you want to report a bug, please make sure to give all the needed information. In your case your custom color-scheme should be relevant. It’s not part of any template, however.