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When I save a file there is an extremely annoying and frustrating problem - the default box is some sort of search box instead of the filename box.

Anybody who has had this problem will know what I mean

How do stop Libreoffice from going to the search box and making the name box the default when saving a file ?

Weeeellll, Given that all of the other options were in languages other than English I thought it would be closest

Thanks for your help.

I have clearly misunderstood something and will try and navigate the options again. First post so learning how this forum works.

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It would have been useful to tag your question and better describe the context (OS name and LO version are a minimum).

Does it happen with every app in the suite (then tag common)? Does it happen only in one or two apps (then tag with the app name writer, calc, …)?

How do you trigger the save operation? With menu File>Save? With a keyboard shortcut? In the latter case, have you customized the usual Ctl+S to associate it with another command?

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Does this mean you restrict the chance to get help by intention? Please note, that there are volunteers on this site, who try to help, even if they don’t face an issue, just by trying to reproduce what has been asked. And from my pov: I don’t understand what you mean and can’t even try to make a guess due to missing technical information such as

  • operating system
  • desktop manager (if using Linux)
  • LibreOffice version

(may be you are on Linux and use a GTK3-based window manager and in consequence LibreOffice VCL:gtk3 - see Help -> About LibreOffice and find it annoying starting to type opens the search field though Untitled 1 seems to be selected because it appears highlighted in the file name box)

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First post so learning how this forum works.

This post was not created just for you.
Everyone should read it who starts here. Thank you.

Thanks for the pointer Hrbrgr

Thanks Brian1 - that sounds like what is happening to me. I will collect relevant data and report it more formally - I didn’t realise that volunteers might spend time trying to replicate my problem and apologise for being so vague in my reporting, I did not intend to waste anyone’s time or cause a stir -although Google found no answers I had hoped it was a common newbie mistake with a simple solution and all would be fixed quickly with a post saying “it happens to lots of people do XYZ to fix”