Default values for database and form attributes

The “OpenDocument Format Technical Committee” (ODF TC) has noticed, that for some optional attributes no default value is given in the specification. It investigates now whether such default values are necessary and -in case- which values have to be used.

The following attributes are affected:
db:as-template 19.34
db:data-source-setting-is-list 19.39
db:is-ascending 19.56
db:is-autoincrement 19.57
db:is-clustered 19.58
db:is-empty-allowed 19.59
db:is-nullable 19.62
db:is-unique 19.64
db:max-row-count 19.68
form:auto-complete 19.252
form:current-state 19.261
form:focus-on-click 19.274
form:list-linkage-type 19.284
form:list-source-type 19.286
form:navigation-mode 19.295
form:orientation 19.297
form:repeat 19.302
form:tab-cycle 19.309
form:visual-effect 19.317

The numbers refer to the sections in the specification[1], where these attributes are defined.
[1] Open Document Format for Office Applications (OpenDocument) Version 1.3. Part 3: OpenDocument Schema

In case you have knowledge in this area, please help the ODF TC. You can answer here and I will bring the answer to the TC or you can answer to the TC directly using

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db:as-template 19.34 False
db:data-source-setting-is-list 19.39 not sure what that means
db:is-ascending 19.56 True
db:is-autoincrement 19.57 True (if this refers to a single-column primary key)
db:is-clustered 19.58 I don’t foresee the implications
db:is-empty-allowed 19.59 should be False because in a normalized db it makes no sense to store non-data.
db:is-nullable 19.62 is this synonym to db:is-empty-allowed?
db:is-unique 19.64 False
db:max-row-count 19.68 doesn’t this depend on the column types and column count? Base loads about** 1.5 “screens full” of data depending on the current view.
form:auto-complete 19.252 True
form:current-state 19.261 Unknown (for not nullable columns in particular!)
form:focus-on-click 19.274 True
form:list-linkage-type 19.284 selection (affects list boxes on spreadsheets only)
form:list-source-type 19.286 Table
form:navigation-mode 19.295 Current (this seems to be “Show navigation toolbar”)
form:orientation 19.297 not sure what that means
form:repeat 19.302 True
form:tab-cycle 19.309 records
form:visual-effect 19.317 3D (matter of taste)

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Thank you for this list. It is helpful and I’ll bring it to the ODF TC.