Default Zoom for documents I didn't create

I have one client that the documents they send always open at 200%, I have another client whose documents open at 80%. I have others in between. What I want is when I open a document for it to use the window size I have opened or was used last time I had LibreOffice open and then “Optimal Zoom”.

Please don’t tell me this question has been answered. The three questions on zoom that I’ve seen all say to create a template and then all newly created documents will open at the zoom set there. I receive documents from clients that I have no control over. My main use of LibreOffice is to open documents that I didn’t create.

Documents have “view zoom” setting in their metadata. LibreOffice honors that, and does not have an option to ignore it. You are welcome to file an enhancement request to create such an option (or possibly better ignore it automatically when author is not you, like last edit position is ignored in that case).