Default zoom level for opening a Word document

Whenever I open a Word document with Libreoffice (version for Mac) it defaults to a zoom level of 150%. That’s way too big for my screen, so I have to change the zoom to 75%. Is there a way to make it default to 75%?

NB per I have already saved a template at 75% and disabled “Load user-specific settings with document”. That did not solve the problem, documents still open at 150%. (Though when I create a new document, the default zoom of that is now 75%. So I guess the template only effects new documents, not pre-existing ones.)

Word document

Do you really mean .docx documents?

Zoom is (unfortunately?) not a user-specific setting. Thus it’s unaffected by that checkbox.

Yes, I mean .docx documents (sent to me by others, created with MS Word).

Ok - can’t comment how native .docx documents store the zoom level (Got no MS Office to create my own .docx document). But I’d assume that it is stored within the document as well and hence it is beyond your influence how it opens.


talking about ODF format (not .docx etc. formats) the zoom level is a document property stored in file settings.xml of the .odt zip container and looks like this:

<config:config-item config:name="ZoomFactor" config:type="short">160</config:config-item>

Hence you need to

  • Open a file
  • Change the zoom factor
  • Save the file

to get that to a new zoom factor on opening.


… done